Our Kindergarten Curriculum

The following list is what we ended up using for Kindergarten. I'll also add a few resources we started using recently that I wish we would have started in Kindergarten. I'll also add whatever is available on Amazon to our "Learning at Home" store. If a resource isn't highlighted, it's likely listed in the store in it's appropriate category.

Kindergarten Language Arts:

"The Reading Lesson" by Michael Levin - this is a really great book but the size and length can seem overwhelming to sensitive scholars who get intimidated easily. It's not that the work itself is difficult or challenging, but just the sight of the big book makes my son cringe. We'll probably go back to it at some point once we've made some more strides with reading the smaller books like BOB books.

BOB Books first readers

Animal Antics first readers

We didn't use Explode the Code books in Kindergarten, but I will probably use them next time around with my daughter. We are making big progress using the books in Grade 1.

Kindergarten Math:
We really loved this curriculum! It has bright colours all the way through which makes it appealing. It's very affordable at only $39.99. The graphics are large and there is plenty of room to write numbers larger as kids tend to do at this age. There are only a few questions per page so it's easy for a kid to feel some accomplishment in getting work done without getting overwhelmed. There is no teachers manual, which I liked. I have hardly used any of the teachers manuals thus far anyways. Math is pretty simple at this stage and he grasped the concepts very quickly.

"Telling Time" Usborne Farmyard Tales illustrated by Stephen Cartwright (there is also a set of write-on wipeable flash cards with the same illustrations that we also use. Overall I thought this was more geared towards first grade then to Kindergarten).

Kindergarten Social Studies:

"My Flip-Flap Body Book" by Usborne Books (kind of conjoins with science, it covers germs, digestion, basics about how babies are made).

"Beginner Geography" (Evan Moor Publishing)
This book is geared towards K-2. I find it more applicable to end of Grade 1 and Grade 2, so we only did the first few pages in Kindergarten.

We did most of this in the first term of Grade 1 but I think it might be more appropriate for Kindergarten. It's listed as being for K-2.

Kindergarten Science:

"The Usborne Book of Science" Volume 2

Documentaries about space and the solar system.

Kindergarten Bible:

"The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers" by Crystal Bowman

Kindergarten Fine Arts:

"Preschool Art" by MaryAnn Kohl

"Music Together" classes

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